About Alan

Born in Yorkshire, Alan now lives and works in Cambridge
If his work is to be categorised, his drawing is in the fine tradition of those who draw what is seen, giving life to the paper; his painting in oil is close to the Pont Aven school while post-impressionism and Pop Art are influences.
He says “I like the quality of brush mark on canvas and paint with traditional oil techniques and wet on wet painting. I prefer oil to any other medium as colours are truer to nature and the medium has more flair for impressionism and can create a more likely mark”.
“I am open to influences and painting from life, he has painted in oil for decades, since his first art school training and is grounded in art, and have an appetite for experiment with diverse subjects. I like to paint the countryside, townscapes, seascapes, and my contemporaries in their environments”.
“I particularly want to try and capture the ‘spirit of the age’ in the bolder colours of oil”.
Commissions are welcome; -Please contact me for details of upcoming exhibitions and information.
I am very happy to answer all enquiries.